Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Do You Want to Be Unique?

I believe that everyone want to be unique and they will try every methods to help them express their special personality to the world. In my opinion, expressing ourselves through the clothing is the most attractive way and it will be easier to make other people pay attention to you because clothing fashion is been discussed everywhere.

Punk fashion is the most effective way to help you become attractive and express your special personality. As we known, members of the Punk clothing fashion have a strange taste on the clothing fashion and their clothing matching will be astonishing. They wear the clothes and accessories that most of the people in our society don’t dare to wear.

If you want to be a member of the Punk fashion, i will give you some small tips as the following:

Firstly, about the clothing matching and decorations, you can some strange clothes and accessories which are in strange prints or made in a special shapes. For example, you can choose some clothes which have the following prints: Skull, Cross and some fierce animals. Secondly, you also can have some body tattoos in different kinds of patterns, this will help you clothing matching have a good effect. Lastly, your hairstyle and make up are also of great importance. You should design some strange hairstyle by yourself and do some make up which is astonishing enough.

I hope my small tips will help you become a members of the Punk fashion and you also can show your ideas here and we can have a discussion.

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