Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Future Fashion Representive---------Steam Punk

If you are fan of Punk clothing style, i think you will have the same feeling like me. Although someone don’t think so but everything will be possible. Fashion is a changing word and no one can make sure for its future situation.

Steam punk has its own special attractive characteristics and its high-tech-revisionist take on Victorian aesthetics — has been active and highly visible for the better part of a decade, and has already moved its way in and out of fashion. Surely, elements of it will crest on the runways now and again. But fashion is too big and steam punk too clunky and specific for it to become a dominant style genre. Steam punk is a definitive subculture with a set of aesthetic norms that flourish only within that subculture.

If you are want to be a representative of the fashion and I think you can have a try on this fashion clothing style and you will have a surprising fingding.

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