Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Punk Style A Revolutionary Clothing Fashion

As we know, Punk clothing style is liked by those who have alternative personality and who wear clothing which breaks our society regulations. I will share some information about this clothing style and you can have a reference if you are interested in this clothing style.

Punk rockers are not only about who play the punk rock music but also who live their life with punk rock lifestyle. Punk rockers share attitudes of self-reliance, rejection of the mainstream, and progressive or liberal political leanings. The punk clothes could be made out of dirty, old & simple clothes - ranging from the T-shirt/jeans/leather jacket, second-hand "dress" clothes of acts like Television or Patti Smith – are preferred over the expensive or colorful clothing popular in the disco scene. Torn & patched jeans, old hand stitched shirts etc are considered as punk by youngsters.

Black Gothic Decadent Punk Skirt for Women

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