Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What is Punk Rock Clothing FAshion Clothing Style?

Do you want to be unique and attractive? If you want to show your special and alternative personality to the society and i think showing through your clothing will be a good choice. Punk will be a perfect alternative clothing choice for you if you are someone who is alternative clothing fashion lover. The most important thing you should do is learn more about this fashion firstly and i will share some information about what is the Punk clothing fashion. You can have a reference if you are interested in Punk clothing fashion.

Punk is a way for people to express their difference from the others in our society and showing their own personality through wearing some strange clothing and accessories that most of the people in our society don’t dare to wear.

About the common elements of this clothing fashion: Punk fashion is unisex in nature. Common elements are torn t-shirts, skinny jeans, leather pants, studded or plain leather MC jackets, motorcycle boots, Chuck Taylor or Dr. Martens. Accessories include ripped fishnet stockings, spike bands and other studded jewelry, safety pins, silver bracelets and heavy eyeliner worn by both men and women.

Body piercings and hairstyles are the most obvious features of this fashion: you can use some special body piercings with special patterns. You also can design some special hairstyles by your own creative ideas and this will more attractive. Because this is your own ideas and no one will use it.

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