Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Steampunk Women----------Will Be You?

If you are fan of Punk clothing then i think you will be familiar with the Steam punk. Steam punk is a kind of the Punk but it has its own special characteristics and it attract most of the Punk fans. I will simply introduce some women Steam punk information for you and you can have a reference when you are dressing yourself.
If you are a woman who is a fan of the steam punk, you should pay attention to the following elements:

First, you can prepare some Vests, waist coats and trousers. Men coat and tails will make you look more different. Top hats, boots, and pocket watches are also necessary for this clothing fashion. Other accessories can include belts, canes, eyeglasses and parasols. Gloves are popular and add a touch of elegance. Handbags can also be in a strange shape. Then i will share some detailed information about the common accessories of this kind of women clothing fashion with you.

About the hats you choose: Top hats, either full-size or mini, fit well with this style, and can also be elaborated upon with feather, buckles, and other fittings. Old-fashioned leather helmets are unisex.

About the shoes you choose: Lace-up ankle or knee boots evoke vintage style without looking dowdy, and just about any style with buttons and buckles works in this context. Stacked heels tend to work better than stilettos for this look; flats and mid-height heels are also fine.

About the jewelry you choose: Steam punk jewelry is elaborate and creative, often incorporating watch parts, clock faces, keys, brass fittings and buttons into earrings and necklaces and pins. Vintage jewelry is popular too, such as cameo pendants. Rings tend to be heavy and ornate.

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