Monday, April 15, 2013

How to Become Punk?

You may have wondered what it means to be punk. Or, maybe you were wanting to be punk and didn't know where to start to transform yourself. Punk invites individuals to be involved in the community of other individualists and is a state of mind. They seem to have a chip on their shoulders but it is more about standing for the things they believe in and making a statement with their hair, bodies and attitudes. I will simply introduce some ways on how to help you become Punk and you can have a reference if you are interested in this clothing fashion style or you want to show your alternative personality through your clothing.

First, changing fashion. The fashion is about art; a statement of the message the wearer is trying to establish. Some of the common pieces of clothing that are punk are demin, leather, leopard print, strips, tartan, plaid and camoflage. T-shirts printed with snarky logos and band paraphernalia is a common uniform worn. Pants with many zippers or safety pins are also in order.

Second, getting the proper shoes. Being punk is about staying away from the norm and fighting against the establishment. Name-brand shoes won’t work. Combat boots are a must. Women tend to wear men shoes but can also wear pumps, Mary-Janes and cowboy boots. The shoes is an extension of the statement and also identifies what type of punk you want to be.

Third, getting your hair done. Punks hair is creatively styled. Spikes and mohawks are very popular. Plus, different vibrant and unusual colors are used if it compliments the visual art that makes up the entire appearance.Other hairstyles include 80’s hair, big hair, shaved hair and devil locks.

Fourth, getting some piercings and tattoos. Like I previously said, being or dressing punk is a work of art. Tattoos and piercings helps this along. Going to punk concerts and clubs. This is another way to get involved in punk music and to also meet other punk people.

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