Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Punk Fashion and Religion

Are you a fan of Punk clothing fashion? Do you want to be an alternative person? If you answer is yes and i think you will be interested in my following article. I will simply introduce some information about the Punk fashion and its religion as the following and you can have a reference if you are interested in this fashion topic.

People who sport punk clothes are often criticized by religious authorities. Many religious authorities or no conservatives are of the opinion that the hooded culture practiced by punk rock stars is a part of Satanist culture. But this can be disapproved as many things what the punk rock stars do were earlier practiced by Christian monks during the dark ages of Europe.

Christian monks in the east European region and in the North African provinces used to wear pullover hoodies. These monks wore a black robe and sport pullover hoodies, many people during those times used to think that these monks have some magical powers. However it is the hood that made them look intense and mysterious.

So whatever these new punk rockers do has nothing to do with Satanist culture, its nothing new or unique, it is a continuation of something that was practiced by ancient religions and cults. Punk rock clothes are today adored by many irrespective of their age. Many youngsters and adults sport punk rock clothes, there are many franchises that make and sell punk clothing.

Punk clothing are unique, they challenge the mainstream fashion industry. They may look gothic but most of them are very wise in criticizing the current establishment. You will not find any famous guy from mainstream fashion industry rallying down for global causes, but you’ll find many punk rock stars organizing cocerts to make general awareness.

You can be a punk, just be what you want to be- this is the slogan of a punk rock star. Shun the thoughts of disability feel the freedom in what you wear, and ignore the rules laid down by religious authorities. Wear punk rock clothes and show the world who you are and what you want to say to the establishment,be a Punk!

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